Is there a cost to the assistants that are traveling with the group?

Yes, assistants will be traveling at their own expense (hotel, bus and food). The cost of traveling as a trip assistant (if chosen) is just $550. This fee covers hotel rooms for three nights (double occupancy), tour bus costs, all group meals, admission to Arlington National Cemetery and associated gratuities. The assistant fee is due within 15 days of notification of acceptance by VetsRoll, Inc® (notifications of acceptance/decline sent in early March).

Are spouses/significant others of Veterans (honored guest veterans) allowed to travel as Assistants on the trip?

No (unless the spouse qualifies as an eligible Veteran or “Rosie”). This is the most common and most difficult question we receive. Please understand that for every spouse/significant other that does travel with, there may be a Veteran or “Rosie-the-Riveter” that is kept from making this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Please understand the intent of our trip is for Veterans/Rosies to experience CLOSURE * GRATITUDE * RESPECT as a "Band of Brothers/Sisters" with those who share a common bond of experience.

What Era of Veterans are eligible?

For purposes of VetsRoll eligibility, we define WWII Era Veterans as any American Veteran that was active duty prior to 12/31/1948.

Other eligible Veterans include those Veterans who were active duty by 01/01/1949 through 12/31/1966 and honorably discharged with DD214.

Please note that for VetsRoll eligibility, Veterans need to have been active duty (Federalized) during their service years. Guard and Reserve Veterans are not eligible unless they have been called to active duty.

Our trip is a total of four days in duration, so we do have a very detailed application form for the Veterans and the assistants to fill out.

Are Veterans who have flown on Honor Flight trips eligible for the trip?

Yes. We offer a different experience than the wonderful Honor Flight Network and happily accept their heroes.

Is there a specific Geographic area of eligibility?

No. Although we are based in Northern IL and Southern WI, we welcome participants from all areas of the United States and will assist in arranging local motel stays pre and post trip for those that may wish to take advantage of that option.

Travel cost to and from the Beloit area are the responsibility of the participants; feel free to contact us to assist with travel arrangements (airlines or bus).

What does the trip convoy consist of?

A. VetsRoll includes up to 400 participants (220 Veterans and “Rosie-the-Riveters” plus trip assistants, support staff, media and drivers)!!

B. VetsRoll welcomes Veterans (active duty by 12/31/1966; stateside or deployed overseas and honorably discharged with DD214) to join the WWII Veterans and the “Rosie-the-Riveters”!!

C. VetsRoll uses nationally known hotels and restaurant facilities equipped for the needs of our special group.

D. VetsRoll utilizes ten 56-passenger, deluxe motor coaches from Badger Coaches of Madison, WI, plus a media motor coach and a support van with a wheelchair lift.

How often does VetsRoll, Inc. ® host trips?

The VetsRoll trip occurs every May; the week preceding Memorial Day Weekend.

What is the cost to the Veterans and “Rosie-the-Riveters”?

ZERO! We will not charge the Veterans any fee during the duration of the trip. Although there is little time available for souvenirs or shopping, we recommend our guests to carry a credit/debit card for incidentals (we do not recommend carrying cash).

How do the Veterans know what to pack for the trip?

The VetsRoll, Inc® website (www.VetsRoll.org) will add a detailed list of what to pack, under the ‘Itinerary’ tab. All group functions are very casual (blue jeans or slacks are proper at all times). Temps will average in the 70’s during the day and 40’s-50’s in the evenings. Occasionally temperatures in Washington may reach into the high 80s.

VetsRoll, Inc® hosts an orientation day the Saturday preceding the trip check-in day (open to the all) and will supply each participant with a VetsRoll t-shirt, a lined light weight jacket, a lanyard with your name (to be worn at all times). Pack light enough that one suitcase will suffice plus a personal effects bag (for medicine, camera, etc.).

Are there any female Veterans/Assistants traveling on this trip?

Yes, we always have and encourage female Veterans “Rosies” to sign on and we make every effort to room them together. Also, female assistants are very much encouraged to participate in all VetsRoll activities.

Is there a minimum donation?

Absolutely not! Every dollar counts, from $1 to $100,000. Please, donate only what you can afford.

Are prior guest Veterans and Rosies allowed to travel on subsequent trips?

No. The “spirit and intent” of VetsRoll is to raise funds to transfer those Veterans and “Rosie-the-Riveters” that have not previously been the recipient of such a great, all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC.

What are the stops on the tour?

Scheduled stops include the National Air Museum at the Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH, plus in Washington, DC we will visit the Arlington National Cemetery and watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; the Korean, Vietnam, Iwo Jima and Lincoln Memorials and a keynote stop at the WWII Memorial.

Is there a travel itinerary?

For the safety and enjoyment of all, we do not publish a detailed trip itinerary. A general trip itinerary will be made available prior to trip departure.

Who are the “Rosie-the-Riveters”?

“Rosie-the-Riveter” is a term used to describe the (mostly) ladies that went to work in America’s factories during World War II to fulfill a vital need of factory support to the Allied war effort and also to allow more “men” to enlist in the service. “Rosie” was invaluable to the success of the war effort and very worthy the equal recognition that VetsRoll, Inc® wishes to bestow on them, along with our Veterans. This applies to “Rosies” of 1948 and previous.

Who manages the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services?

VetsRoll, Inc® is a 100% volunteer not-for-profit WI Corporation, headed up by the Finnegan family, of Finnegans’ RV Center, Inc in South Beloit, IL. The entire organization consists of 100% volunteer helpers.

How long have the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services been provided?

VetsRoll, Inc® was formed in February of 2010 as a grassroots effort of concerned citizens wishing to provide ground transportation of WWII Veterans to Washington, DC to view the Memorial constructed in their honor. The inaugural trip took place May 17-20th, 2010 and was a phenomenal success!!

What if a Veteran needs a wheelchair, oxygen, etc.?

VetsRoll will have enough travel assistants to attend to those with mobility needs and other medical needs (including oxygen and concentrators as requested). VetsRoll will provide wheelchairs, etc. to those who indicate the need on their entry form. We encourage you to bring your own collapsible chairs and/or walkers. VetsRoll will tag them appropriately.

VetsRoll will supply a volunteer staff of medical professionals, including first responders, nurses, physical therapists, oxygen techs, dietitians, a pharmacist and clinical psychologists.

Can we make an “In-Kind” donation?

Yes. We are always appreciative of donations for services needed or for fundraiser items (we do not accept land and/or dwellings). Contact us to see where your generosity can be best served.

Is there an age limit to be accepted as a trip assistant?

Yes, first-time assistants must be 18 to 68 years of age as of May 1st the year of the trip. We very much encourage younger generations to participate.

We need applicants who are in good health and physical condition. Assistant expectations may include pushing wheel chairs, loading and unloading luggage, walkers, breathing equipment, assisting on stairs, and lifting people from a sitting to a standing position,etc...

We ask you to be honest with yourself about your own abilities when applying...this is a physical venture.

Are the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services provided by any other organization?

No. We are an independent, grassroots effort. We have watched and admired the success of the Honor Flight Network (http://www.honorflight.org). We share a similar goal (transporting as many senior Veterans to Washington, DC as possible before they have passed on or become unable to travel), but we operate autonomously from any other organization.

Is my donation to VetsRoll, Inc. ® tax deductible?

YES!! Vets Roll, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) public charitable organization and a WI registered non-profit corporation. Your donations to Vets Roll, Inc (dba VetsRoll.org) are tax deductible under section 170 of the IRS Code and your bequests, devises, transfers or gifts are tax deductible under sections 2055, 2106 and/or 2522 of the IRS Code. Consult your financial advisor for advice on tax deductions.

What about special dietary and medical needs?

The participants (and/or their physicians) are required to note all medical and dietary needs on the Veteran’s application form. VetsRoll, Inc® will have a lead medical person in charge of the entire group, plus individual medical personnel assigned to each bus.

Our Medical staff will have one-on-one contact with each participant regarding their individual needs.

Are the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services provided to Hospice patients?

Yes, in some cases. We work closely with regional Hospice organizations who provide staff for the trip as room allows. VetsRoll,Inc® makes every effort to accommodate these needs and designates an assistant to assist these heroes.

Are the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services provided to terminally ill Veterans of other eras?

At this time we are not able to accept terminally ill Veterans from other era's due to a back log of Veteran applications waiting to take the trip.

We suggest that you inquire with your nearest Honor Flight Hub for their program regarding terminally ill Veterans.

Why are the VetsRoll, Inc. ® charitable services provided?

The volunteers of VetsRoll have recognized the urgent need to transport our aging senior Veterans as soon as feasibly possible. The Veterans of the Greatest Generation are passing away at an estimated 1000 Veterans PER DAY!! Time is NOT on their side!!

Are there any informational meetings open to the public?

Meeting dates, times and locations are listed on the calendar located on the home page.

Feel free to send an email [email protected] requesting to be placed on our periodic email list.

Are medically trained assistants needed?

Yes. We greatly encourage applications from medically trained personnel (MD, EMT, Paramedics, NP, RN, LPN, PT, C.N.A.’s, Hospice, Dementia, etc.) that wish to travel with us (at their own expense). There are two medical training sessions scheduled prior to each year's trip. Medical team staff will have training and guidelines (SOP)provided.

Deadline to apply for consideration of being part of our Medical Team is February 1st.

I would like to donate to VetsRoll, Inc. ®. How do I do it?

Simply, select this 'Donate by Paypal' link or the link from our homepage to make a secure online credit card donation. You may also select our ‘Donate’ tab to see other methods of making donations. Along with making a credit card donation you can download the PDF copy (or we can send a copy to you) and you can fill it in and send it to us. You can also donate by phone or in person at Finnegans’ RV Center, Inc. It's that easy!!

Can my business, family or foundation donate?

Absolutely! Any person, group or business can donate.