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Closure - Gratitude - Respect


The American Veteran is one of our greatest treasures - the men and women who answered our nation's call, especially at times of our greatest need. At VetsRoll, Inc®, our mission is to thank and pay tribute to these heroes - especially our WWII and most senior Veterans and 'Rosie-the-Riveters' - by transporting them to Washington, D.C. over four days of honor and remembrance, at no cost to our heroes.


Unfortunately, the Veterans & civilian volunteers of this era have never received the proper respect and gratitude that each and every free person owes to them.


WWII Veterans and “Rosies” are passing away at the alarming rate of 900-1000 per day!! These heroes are now in their mid-eighties to their mid-nineties and time is NOT on their side.

Why not fly this group?

At their advanced age, airports and flying can be an intimidating experience for the elderly.

While longer in trip duration, charter coaches can offer the flexibility of socializing, moving around, playing cards and board games, restrooms and more. At a maximum of three hours on any leg of the trip, the traveling experience will approximate the time on board an airplane (from boarding to de-boarding) and eliminates parking garages, security checks, long walks etc.


The VetsRoll four-day trip occurs every May, the Sunday through Wednesday preceding Memorial Day Weekend.


Ten (10) chartered deluxe tour coaches and a para-transit van depart and return to Beloit, WI. A total of up to 200 Veterans and “Rosies” at NO CHARGE to them!


Your generous donations will allow us to transport our honored guests free of cost to the participant!

*WWII Veterans, 'Rosie-The-Riveters' & Veterans through 1963 (active duty by 12/31/63 & honorably discharged w/DD-214).