Assistant Expectations

  1. This is NOT a vacation!! You are on call 24/7 to serve our Veterans/’Rosies’. You will be getting up very early and going to bed late. You are expected to always have a smile on your face! You will be traveling with these heroes for four days and your interaction with them are what makes the trip memorable for our guests. You are expected to mingle with the Veterans/’Rosies’ while on the motorcoach, at meals, at the hotels and while at their memorials, but respect their privacy, too.
  2. Spouses (and significant others) of Veterans are not allowed to travel as assistants.
  3. First time assistant applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 68 on May 1st of the travel year.
  4. If selected, you may not solicit money through any form of social media, to cover your cost of the trip.
  5. If you are selected as a member of the Medical Team, or as an Assistant, you will be expected to attend the mandatory training meeting(s) and the Veteran/’Rosie’ pre-trip meeting. Any exceptions may only be granted by the VetsRoll, Inc® Board of Directors.
  6. To be considered for the Medical Team, or as an Assistant, a completed application must be submitted by the deadlines indicated on the first page of this application.
  7. You will pledge that if accepted for the Medical Team, or as an Assistant, you will agree to 100% abstention from consuming ANY alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substance (other than as prescribed by your doctor) from 12:01 am on the Saturday previous to departure, through dismissal following the welcome home reception on Wednesday night.
  8. The Medical Team and Assistants pay required fees to have the privilege to travel with our Heroes. This covers all meals, double occupancy hotel room for three nights, motorcoach costs, gratuities and all applicable admission fees.
  9. Full payment is due within 15 days of notification of acceptance by VetsRoll, Inc®.
  10. The Bus Leader is in charge of the motorcoach that you are assigned to, throughout the trip. This includes time on the bus and at all stops. You are expected to attend to all reasonable requests of our Heroes. If you have any concerns during the trip, they are to be addressed with your Bus Leader.
  11. If you are traveling with a Veteran/’Rosie’, you will still be expected to assist with other Veterans/’Rosies’ in your group. You are an important part of a team.
  12. We encourage you to engage our Heroes in conversation. However, please remember that the conversation is about them.
    • Be a good listener and do not dominate conversations or speak about yourself
    • Respect their privacy…they are adults and we are not babysitters…allow private time to reflect
    • Do NOT partake in conversations of race, sex or politics
    • Always thank them for sharing their memories with you
    • Be respectful of opinions that are different than yours
    • Remember that conversations may not be “politically correct”
  13. Expectations can change at any time and you should be prepared to be flexible both before and during the trip. For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, the Veteran/’Rosie’ should not be aware of any problems that may arise. You are expected to be professional and respectful to our Heroes at all times, and assure them that the issue will be taken care of. Notify your bus leader if there is a problem and they will address it.
  14. Completing this application is not a guarantee that you will be selected to be a part of the Medical Team or as an Assistant.
  15. Exceptions will be discussed and granted solely by the VetsRoll, Inc® Board of Directors.
  16. Every participant on a VetsRoll trip is a volunteer…RESPECT other volunteers and help them if needed.
  17. Every Assistant is required to view the Assistant Training video, to familiarize themselves with our expectations: VetsRoll Assistant Training Video