VetsRoll, Inc. Presents:

WWII & Korean ERA Veterans

and Rosie-The-Riveters

Rolling to Washington D.C.

Medical Staff

Authorized Access Only!

This page is for information sharing and training to VetsRoll, Inc® Medical Staff Volunteers. Authorization is given by the VetsRoll, Inc® Board of Directors with the goal of enhancing our program for everyone's mutual benefit and to continue offering a quality product to the general public.

Requests for access must be relayed through your Team Leader. Access will be granted when approved. Medical Team Leaders can be given rights to develop their page as necessary with assistance from the website administrator. Your authorization can be rescinded at any time by the Board of Directors, Group Leader, or IT Coordinator, as deemed necessary.

Medical Coordinator: Jim Griffin

Blue Team Leader - Buses 1-4:  Kathy Bell

Green Team Leader - Buses 5-9: David Ferger 

Medical Leader - Bus 10: Jim Griffin