VetsRoll, Inc. Presents:

WWII & Korean ERA Veterans

and Rosie-The-Riveters

Rolling to Washington D.C.


The mission of VetsRoll, Inc.® is to thank and pay tribute to our American Veterans. The four day VetsRoll trip to Washington, D.C. is free to WWII Veterans, 'Rosie-The-Riveters' and Veterans through 1963 (active duty by 12/31/63 & honorably discharged w/DD-214 upon request). Those interested in attending the trip will need to fill out the Veteran Application including the Medical information. Participants will need a Physician's signature prior to the trip. VetsRoll, Inc.® honors all Veterans, but unfortunately is only able to accommodate those specified due to the number of applicants.

Our trip could not be accomplished without the use of volunteers as trip assistants. These assistants perform many tasks from directly assisting the Veterans to pushing wheelchairs to loading luggage. Medical assistants are also needed. A list of expectations is included in the Trip Assistant Application. Please fill out an application if interested. You do not need medical training to be on the trip, but list any qualifications you may have. Although the trip is free for the Veterans, Trip Assistants will need to pay $550 to cover their costs. This application does not guarantee your inclusion with the VetsRoll trip.

Many volunteers are needed to help with trip preparation and fundraising events. If interested, please fill out a volunteer sign-up sheet. You may be included in our email list to receive information on ways you may help. Information may be found at on facebook, at our open meetings or direct questions to Mark Finnegan at