VetsRoll, Inc. Presents:

WWII & Korean Veterans

and Rosie-The-Riveters

Rolling to Washington D.C.


VETSROLL 6 - May 17-20, 2015

Help Us Honor Our Vets!

To provide safe ground transportation and an enjoyable experience for World War II and Korean Era* US Military Veterans and “Rosie-the-Riveters” to visit THEIR war memorials (and other related sights) in and around Washington, DC, as soon as possible.


Local Events

Homemade Scallopped Potato and Ham Dinner

At the South Beloit American Legion Sunday Nov 2, 2014 11:30-6:00

See the "What's Happening Now" section for more details


In the Autumn of a Veteran's Life                   Tuesday, November 4    8 am-noon

               Closure, gratitude, respect                    Janesville Moose Lodge    

                                                                             2701 W. Rockport Rd.

See Flyer below for details. For questions, call (608)754-2201

Honor, Sacrifice, Commitment

War Memorials in Washington, D.C. were built as tributes to the service and the ultimate sacrifice of America’s Veterans.

We believe it is vitally important for every WWII and Korean Era* Veteran and “Rosie the Riveter” to have the chance to visit and experience THEIR memorials. Our aim is to give them the long overdue gift of thanks and memories that will fill their hearts, for the incredible sacrifices they made in the name of Freedom so many years ago!

There is no time to waste; we are losing our senior Veterans at a rate of 900 - 1000 per day! These heroes are now in their seventies to their mid-nineties and time is NOT on their side.

VetsRoll 2013 marked the 725th Veterans & Rosie’ to take this memorable journey to see THEIR memorials in Washington, D.C.

This incredible mission is only made possible through your generous donations!


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